Poem of the Month October 2012

Written to perform on Apple Day at Heart in Headingley on 20th October....

Adam and Igor

Igor gave me an apple, red and sweet,
I should have known then what might come to pass,
I took a large bite, tried to be discreet,
As something slithered, chuckling through the grass.
I felt a sudden chill, no clothes you see,
None needed in the changeless climate then,
And as the first leaf drifted from the tree,
I used its breadth to shield my little man.
‘Cos suddenly I’d lost all innocence,
Looked at Igor in quite a different way,
Felt frisky in an undiscovered sense,
The world had changed on that fatal day.
Now Igor’s gone, we had the briefest fling,
But I’m planting apple trees in the spring.

© James Nash 2012