Poem Of The Month: June


Living with cats I have become accustomed, if not used, to living with slaughter. It’s what cats do, and it’s often uncomfortable for me as a pet-owner owner and a lover of wild creatures…..I was reminded for some reason of the poem by William Blake with the lines

‘A robin redbreast in a cage
Puts all heaven in a rage’.

At first I feel hope, and wish to believe
With eyes wide open, warm and bright
That you, though quiet, are still alive
And have not encountered sudden night.
There is no mark of violence or wrong,
Your feathers soft with life, still gleam,
Your beak open with interrupted song,
Unmoving perfection rests in my palm.
What sudden change brought on this altered state,
And left you lying there for me to find,
This briefest disquisition on your fate,
Brings unsettling thoughts, life and death to mind.
In the leafy shadows a cat’s eyes shine,
Your temporary beauty is now mine.

© James Nash 2016