Poem Of The Month: February 2015

poem of the month

Lost Horizon [1937]

Starring: Ronald Colman. Jane Wyatt

It is our first journey together,
searching for lost horizons.

You drive and I muse aloud as we retrace a Leeds
I’ve know for forty years,
ten years before you were born.

The lock-gate between brain and mouth
has burst open with age
and I am wittering; for you

it must be like taking a chatty uncle
out for the day.

You resist settling a travel rug around my knees
as we drive into sleet and rain
and the surprising bright projections of winter sunlight
shining into our eyes
between the showers.

Poem Of The Month: January 2015

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A New Year Sonnet
Copyright James Morgan Nash 2015

Last night the earth trembled, and so did I
Though New Year is based on artificial time,
It is of long standing. And that is why
I celebrate each year’s birth the same.
Letting go is hard as we call old time to halt
But not forgetting the lessons from our pasts.
New days are gilt with old sun, and the melt
Of piled up snows, steam from the mouths of ghosts.
Come with me into the bright and frozen day,
And we’ll crack the grass in the winter park,
Leave footprints behind as we find a way
To breech the walls, to bravely walk
Out now into the beginning of the year.
Look back later, there is nothing to fear.