Poem of the Month: March 2011

silver birch for Valentine’s Day

Silver Birches
There’s a beech tree nearby I feel is mine
Though sovereign in its pomp and power;
Some trees have magnificence, they are fine
Palaces of dream, whose seasons inspire.
We are not such trees which fill all with awe,
We have different grace, a slighter mode,
A sparse copse of silver birch, blown and raw,
Half-anonymous by an urban road.
But through successive years we are as one,
Our moonstruck trunks are neighbours, leaves entwine,
We share the winter winds, the summer sun,
And our roots grow deep as our hearts combine.
Thank you then, for what you have given free
In your faithful sojourn here, next to me.

© James Nash 2011

Poem of the Month: February 2011

The eye of the beholder

James Nash
You say that I have the body of a porn star;
I find this unusual
but encouraging.

Then some time later you whistle and exclaim
that I am an Adonis,
and I hold my tummy in,
and bless the long-term effects of Nivea and cycling,
and when I look at myself in the mirror
try to glimpse whatever it is you see.

It is only when you breathe against me,
That I am beautiful,
That I start to catch your drift.

© James Nash, Coma Songs [2003.2006]