Poem Of The Month: August

toad-for poem of the month

Cooperative Values – A sonnet

We live our lives separated by glass,
The toad in a well of shadows and green,
I forget him often, our paths don’t cross,
The minutiae of our lives unshared, unseen.
Then, bumps and warts blazoned across his back,
He hits the glass, like cricket ball on bat.
With rolled up newspaper inside I thwack
And reduce all flies to a bloody splat.
But mostly while I’m working, he is there
Just quietly waiting, camouflaged and still,
He dives and I am made again aware
Of another life, of another will.
Lives side by side; we share I realise
A common interest in killing flies.

© James Nash 2016

scruffy draft

This is the final draft of the poem written in front of the cameras at Calder High School, it is complete, I think…Note that we poets are sometimes never convinced that a piece is finished, and that first drafts [pictured] can be messy. The toad lives in a light-well outside my basement kitchen.