Poem Of The Month: December

shepherd pic

This poem was written in haste for a friend to read at a church service a few days later. It is autobiographical in that I have ‘creaky knees’. But I have never been a shepherd.

It seems with each Christmas that comes around
God has more changes for my body planned,
Now everything I do comes with a sound,
A sighing when I sit, exhaling when I stand.
My joints creak now on winter nights,
When the memory stirs in my heart once more;
We came from the hills to a sky of lights
And I knelt in the snow in reverent awe.
So baby, lying in the manger there,
It’s as if each year you are born anew,
This old man offers these sounds in prayer,
Dedicates each ache and pain to you.
You won’t remember clearly who I am,
I was the young shepherd who brought the lamb.

James Nash December 2016