Festival fever and the poet’s apprentice...

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I was going to try to get through a piece about the glorious multiplicity of literary festivals without using the bus analogy but as a bus user, it’s just too appropriate.

Sometimes there are no festivals and then two come along at once!

Matthew Hedley Stoppard, the recently garlanded Otley Town Poet, and me, James Nash, briefly famous in the Year 5 of my local primary school, are appearing at the excellent Headingley Litfest on Tuesday15th March at Headingley Library from 7.15.

It’s a free event and we’d love to see you there to share our cinema stories with you and perhaps hear some of yours. It’s all to do with our recent book, Cinema Stories, of course and the collection has been getting a very warm reception.


And then on Thursday 17th I’m hosting the lovely ‘Poetry Café’ event as part of Milim [words] the first Jewish literary festival in Leeds. It takes place at Donisthorpe Hall on Shadwell Lane LS17 6AW, and I would suggest turning up just before 7pm to settle in for a feast of great writing from a variety of writers and performers. I’ll be reading as part of this event, which is a great honour.

Tickets are £5, including light refreshments, and can be pre-booked by ringing
: 0113 268 9102/ 07946 533290 or contacting
[email protected]


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Come and celebrate spring with us at these two events.

The other thing that will make next week different is the presence of my nephew Ben Nash at my events and classes. Banish all ideas of an eager 8 year old handing out the paper, Ben’s joining me to look at what I do in my week. He’s a seriously good writer and as someone who’s been Ofsteded, inspected, observed to death, I’m surprised at how self-conscious I’m feeling at having a family member looking on. I hope I pass!