Going public

Christmas and New Year seem to have taken a great chunk out of my life, so it feels rather odd to wishing you all a belated Happy New Year. 

2008 starts with several public performances and workshops in February and March. (Details under forthcoming events.)

There are two performances in Leeds on 6th February and 16th March, with one in Sheffield on the 12th February, and I’m  running a day long workshop on writing short-fiction at the Small Press Writers' Day, Huddersfield Town Hall, Saturday 8th March from 10.30am-4.30pm. 

Getting out and sharing your work is essential if you are a poet.  It’s a way of checking it out on your reader, communicating with them directly, and when you no longer are paralysed with nerves, watching the effect of your words on others.  As someone who spends hours looking at a computer screen, going public can be a very heady experience indeed.  If you are Yorkshire-based, come along and join me on one of the above dates;  I will be the large bald poet, pacing up and down,  and an interesting pale-green colour from nerves and excitement.