Meet the author: Sarah Waters

sarah waters

As a writer I often host ‘meet the author’ events. I’m particularly pleased to announce that I will be interviewing Sarah Waters on Tuesday 26th August in York as part of her tour introducing her latest novel ‘The Paying Guests’. Sarah and I have met up many times over the last ten years or so and now greet each other as friends.

People who have seen her in action at Ilkley, Scarborough and other literary festivals are always taken by her modesty, her wicked sense of humour and her dedication as a writer [and as a reader].

I’m so looking forward to talking to her about ‘The Paying Guests’, and how it came into being, set as it is in the twenties in a world recently devastated by the first world war and still reeling from its effects. This is a period Sarah Waters hasn’t examined before and she does it beautifully in this fabulous novel.

I mentioned her dedication as a reader, above. I have never met her without her recommending a fascinating book or two for me to follow up. Thank you Sarah for encouraging me to reread Virginia Woolf when we last met!

The event takes place at the Merchant Taylors Hall on Aldwark on Tuesday 26th August at 7pm. Tickets cost £6 and are available from the Waterstones website. 

Second Edition Sonnets

book cover

Second Edition Sonnets

I feel very honoured to be asked to write an introduction to the second edition of my sonnet collection, ‘Some Things Matter’ first published in October 2012, and to be republished in October this year. I’ve read through all the poems again, and some still felt very immediate, and had a tremendous relevance to where I am now in my life. With others it was harder to capture the first impulse that made me write them, but with all of them there was sense of meeting an old acquaintance in the street, pleasure and recognition and shared memories.

I’m looking forward very much to seeing what Valley Press does with the new book. It all feels like a tremendous validation of my writing, and all the hard work that went into the writing of the poems, the editing and redrafting, the ordering and the choosing of cover photographs and design.

Here is a picture of the first edition. I’ll let you know just as soon as the second edition is ready.