Small Presses for Short Stories 9th June


I recently chaired an Independent Press Panel with Jim Hinks (Comma Press),
Jamie McGarry (Valley Press) and Ray Russell (Tartarus Press),
as part of the first ever Northern Short Story Festival, hosted by the fabulous Leeds Big Bookend Festival 2016.

It was an excellent event with each of the publishers showing utter commitment to what they do, Comma Press publishing short stories from the UK and abroad, Valley Press publishing poetry, fiction and non-fiction and Tartarus specialising in collectable, hardback, limited editions of literary supernatural/strange/horror fiction.

small press panel

The conversation ranged from how their presses began, to what they as publishers were looking for in terms of new writing. The audience, full of writers, hung onto every word and came up with some cracking questions at the end.

What was compelling about the hour long session was the passion and knowledge of the three publishers, how they felt they were doing something that the huge publishers did not want, or were not able to do. And how they felt able to take risks with new writers in the genre.

They talked about their own short story passions which ranged from Chechov, Arthur Machin to Sue Wilsea.

It’s well worth checking out all three publishers on line and looking at their back catalogue and submissions policies. And then send them something!

Photographs by Raj Passy